Please note: These posts have been largely supplanted by my development of  Transformative Parenting®.
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These posts are still worth a read though! They represent some of my early thinking on the subject of parenting.

Listen to Your Child

Now that we have the goal in mind, namely raising a happy child (see Parenting-The Goal), the issue becomes how to go about doing it.  In this article I will lay out one of the most important things parents can do to assure a...

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Parenting – The Goal

As I have alluded to in previous discussions, I believe good parenting can be based on core premises. In this message, I would like to discuss one of my most basic. Let’s not wait any longer: The core aim or goal of parenting is...

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Parenting Pre-Contemplation

Parenting – Pre-Contemplation Phase I am borrowing a term from the Stages of Change model which I think is appropriate.  Here, the change we’re talking about is going from the relatively care-free life of not having...

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Parenting – Introduction

I have struggled with the idea of sharing my thoughts about parenting for awhile now. Certainly we have all been exposed to bad parenting on occasion.  The parent screaming at or striking a small child, or ignoring a child when...

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