Dear Friend,

Until now, I have carefully kept politics out of my writing. I believe in a Transformative Parenting® experience which is open to everyone, and did not want to risk offending anyone who might try it.

However, this is an unusual situation, which demands that we all speak out to make our voices heard.

The continued separation of children from their parents is simply intolerable. For those of us who nurture empathic connections between adults and children, understanding the pain we as a nation are inflicting on these children arouses strong, painful emotions. While current policy has shifted, there remain many children who were separated earlier and are being kept in foster care, or in the equivalent of orphanages or even jails or mental institutions, who could be reunited with loving parents if our government would only try.

Not everyone feels the same way. I understand that for some of you who read this, coming to the United States without permission requires punishment as a deterrent.

However, it is my strong belief that inflicting pain and suffering on innocent children is a wrong which rises above any other consideration, and it must be stopped.

For those of you who are Christians, and confused by Biblical teachings about this, I have written a summary of what Jesus has to say on the matter here.

I have been posting regularly on this topic here and my social media sites, trying to motivate others to do what they can to correct this terrible situation. I hope you will do the same.

Old Intro Follows:

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time promoting my ideas about parenting on another site: www.TransformativeParent.com, under the term Transformative Parenting®. However, some of my earlier writings on the subject are here.

This blog offers musings on various topics that interest me, such as parenting, psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry.  All still useful I believe, but the content has not been updated in awhile as I have been occupied with other things. I hope to freshen things up here in the near future.

Please note that any suggestions are not meant to be understood as individual medical advice.  (You will have to come and see me in person for that.)  If you have thoughts about what I’ve written, feel free to leave a comment. (There used to be a lot of them, but a blundered “upgrade” unfortunately wiped them out.)

Have a wonderful day!