Death and Life

Mortality is a difficult thing to talk about. One would expect that something so commonplace as death would be better accepted, but that is not the way most humans, at least the people I know, handle the issue. For most of us,...

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Money Isn’t Everything

Money in and of itself does not provide (most of us) with happiness.  With the exception of those for whom the making of money is a pleasurable game in itself, for most of us money is simply a tool which allows us to do things...

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The Power of Now

I recently attended a two day talk here in New York City, given by Eckart Tolle, the author of The Power of Now, a best-selling self-help book, and a number of related books and tapes. For those who are not aware, Mr....

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From a lifelong study of psychology, medicine, meditation, religion, and spirituality; here are some thoughts, shared in hope for greater understanding and compassion in the world.