About Edward Haas

As a psychiatrist in New York City, I am grateful to have a satisfying job helping people feel better and more empowered. However, with the arrival of my daughter came a new mission: Empowering parents to experience a deeper, more productive, more fulfilling relationship with their children. I call my method Transformative Parenting®. It represents a beautiful coming together of what I've learned in my spiritual path, from my work with children with developmental delays, from adults who have experienced mental health issues later in life, and my medical, psychodynamic, and Jungian analytic training. Parenting is a huge responsibility, but I have found it is also a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Through Transformative Parenting®, we can recognize and remove unconscious inner conflicts, and barriers to happiness and confidence. Moreover, since its insights and techniques for self-expansion have wide applicability, they are useful for everyone, not only parents.