Author: Dr Haas

The Need For Speed (Amphetamines)

I was recently quoted in a rather edgy online account of a woman’s personal experiment with Vyvanse, a stimulant similar to amphetamine, and feel it is important to clarify and reiterate my concerns in a post here. In...

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The Problem With Medication

Medication presents me with an, at times, difficult dilemma. As a psychiatrist, it is one of the more powerful weapons in my arsenal for helping my patients feel better. As a psychotherapist however, its introduction can bring...

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Listen to Your Child

Now that we have the goal in mind, namely raising a happy child (see Parenting-The Goal), the issue becomes how to go about doing it.  In this article I will lay out one of the most important things parents can do to assure a...

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From a lifelong study of psychology, medicine, meditation, religion, and spirituality; here are some thoughts, shared in hope for greater understanding and compassion in the world.