Author: Dr Haas

Dependency in Psychotherapy

Dependency in Psychotherapy Dependency and independence represent one of the fundamental issues which we as psychotherapists and physicians must struggle.  There is a fundamental conflict between our dependence on our patients...

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Liberal Brain, Conservative Brain?

Liberal Brain, Conservative Brain? In a fascinating study published in Nature Neuroscience online entitled: Neurocognitive correlates of liberalism and conservatism, David M. Amodio at NYU and others at UCLA found intriguing...

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Being a Psychiatrist

Being a Psychiatrist I recently attended a psychiatric conference, which offered a chance for me to reconnect with others in my profession, and to catch up on some of the latest research. During one of the initial sessions, the...

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From a lifelong study of psychology, medicine, meditation, religion, and spirituality; here are some thoughts, shared in hope for greater understanding and compassion in the world.